Sticky Toffee Pudding            5.95

with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


and Toffee Sauce


Limóncello Tiramisu             5.95


with Orange Biscotti and Blueberry Compote


Dark Chocolate Brownie      5.95


with White Chocolate and Cardamom Ice Cream


Lemon Torte                         5.95


with Lemon Mousse and Pistachio Brittle


Blackberry Panna Cotta       5.95


with Almond Crumble, Meringues


and Vanilla Mascarpone




Choose from:


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip,


White Chocolate and Cardamom


                                                1 scoop                               2.00
                                                                                               2 scoops                            3.50


                                                                                                3 scoops                            4.50



Cheese Platter                 £9.25


With Biscuit, Figs, Celery and Aged Balsamic Honey


Garstang White:Made in Garstang by Dew-Lay(One of the Finest Cheese Makers) From Local Jersey Cow`s Milk. It is Creamy, Golden in Color and Has a Hint of Mushroom in Flavor


Black Dub Blue: Made by Appleby Creamery at Appleby in Westmorland, Using Locally Sourced Milk. A Medium Soft, Blue Veined Cheese with a Creamy Texture and a Tangy Aftertaste


Westmorland Smoked Cheddar:

Selected Farm Made Cheddar Chosen for its Firm Yet Creamy Texture. Locally Smoked Over Whisky Barrel Oak Chips.


Graces Goat

Made by Greenfields Dairy, Goosnargh, Nr Preston, Using Pasteurized Goats Milk. It has an Unusual Texture of a Creamy Lancashire and a Mild Subtle Flavor



Speciality Coffees

Espresso £2.20
Strong, Highly Flavored Small Coffee

Macchiato £2.50
Espresso Topped with Steamed Milk Foam

Espresso Doppio £2.80
Simply a Double Espresso

Americano £2.50
Espresso Made with More Hot Water

Cappuccino £2.60
Espresso Mixed with Frothed Hot Milk

Latte £2.60
Espresso with Steamed Milk

Hot Chocolate £2.95
With Whipped Cream

Toffeato £3.00
Latte with Caramel Syrup

Mocchachino £3.75
Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Coffee

Ice Coffee £3.95
Coffee with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream

Liqueur Coffee £4.95
Choose from: Amaretto, Baileys, Whiskey,
Tia Maria, Brandy and many more...

Selection of Tea £2.00
English breakfast Tea, Fruit Tea, Fresh Mint Tea

Dessert Wines

Brown Brothers Late Harvested £5.95
(125ml, 11%)